How would our ancestors feel about the presence of HVAC systems?

The other day when I was relaxing on the patio, I had a thought.

The fall showers had started around noon and were still at it, so I decided to turn on the heat pump, make myself a coffee and sit on my patio to watch the rain.

I could feel the quality heating from my unit from the terrace. I began to ponder what our ancestors would say or how they would think about the HVAC systems in our lives today. They had no such HVAC equipment, yet the weather had the same seasons. I wondered how they kept warm. Since we now depend on technology to make our lives easier, I went on the internet to do a little digging. The early man wore bear fur or skin and other animal skin to keep warm. I felt chilly, so I used my phone to change the temperature to feel warmer. How would my great great great grandparent think about relying on technical innovation for warmth? Hundreds of HVAC companies in the state were making money from offering help with indoor comfort and jobs to the young people who knew more about heating. The customer needed to access an efficient unit. The HVAC technicians would provide quality units, HVAC maintenance, furnace/heater repairs, and tips on how and when to change your furnace filters. My ancestors would be happy because it had all come back full circle. People needed quality indoor comfort, and the young people benefitted from providing such services. They could feed their families and power the furnaces in their homes for indoor comfort. I snapped back to reality when I remembered I had to schedule a visit from my HVAC repairman for heat pump service.

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