Many people don’t take me seriously.

I knew that people didn’t take me as a threat when I showed up at their door.

I was an Heating and Air Conditioning service tech, but I was only four feet 10” tall.

I was more of a novelty to all the people and several thought I was just a child; Just once, I want someone to see me as a legit Heating and Air Conditioning service tech and not as a circus freak. One lady asked if my Dad knew I was out all alone, and I shook my head and asked where the oil furnace was. She didn’t even want to let me inside the house. I had to call the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and have them tell her I was 1 of their service techs and I was okay to be allowed in. I was embarrassed and miserable, and I didn’t want to work on her oil furnace any more. If my boss hadn’t said it was my job, I would have left and let someone else repair the oil furnace for me. Last week, I had my fiance riding with me when I got a cellphone call from a customer. She needed me to help her with her climate control unit. It was chilly outside and I asked if it would be okay for my fiance to go inside the home with me. My boss didn’t mind if the homeowner didn’t mind. A minute later, I was in the home and replacing the control unit. My fiance was talking to the owner’s fiance and the wife tapped me on the shoulder. She asked how someone love me got a looker such as that to marry me? She laughed and said she would have given her left leg if her fiance were so lovely. I felt sorry for her fiance.

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