I couldn't tell the boss I had lost my drivers license.

I knew that if I didn’t have a driver’s license, i couldn’t continue doing my job as an Heating and Air Conditioning service tech.

Without a valid driver’s license, I couldn’t drive the repair van and get to people’s homes.

I contemplated not saying anything to the owner of the Heating and Air Conditioning dealership, but I was afraid I could get fired if I got caught. I was talking to another service tech and asked him what happened if 1 of the service tech’s were to lose their driver’s license. She told me she had lost her once and the boss provided to help him get a provisional driver’s license that would allow him to drive only for work purposes. She told me she was in a hurry to get her sister back to the beach home before her fiance got miserable. She got stopped by a cop when she did a rolling stop through a stop sign and took off too quickly. I couldn’t believe she lost her license just for that. She said that she was speeding when she got to the stop sign, and the cop was already following him. I told him I lost my license, but I wasn’t sure the owner of the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation would be so forgiving as to get me a work license. I had been pulled over for driving too fast and they did a DUI assessment. The other Heating and Air Conditioning service tech said she hoped I didn’t drive into work that morning, because that would genuinely make the boss feel miserable, however even if she had to ride a bicycle to work, the boss would put him in the stock room until she got her license back.



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