When a plan comes together without any flaws, I’m surprised

I’m totally surprised when a plane comes together without any problems or flaws.

That rarely happens for me at all.

One time I planned a trip to go camping with my friends and I forgot all of the tent stakes back at the house. It was a 3-hour drive to the woods and we did not have any way to keep the tent standing upright. We worked it out with some sticks that we found in the woods, but I knew my friends were pretty aggravated that I forgot one of the really important components for the weekend. I was worried that the same type of problems would happen when I threw a 25-year wedding anniversary party for my mom and dad. My sister was supposed to help me with all of the arrangements, but she kept disappearing every time we had something important to do. She blamed the disappearance on the kids or her husband, but she still wasn’t there to help me with the plans. I decided to hold the party at the firehouse. They didn’t charge anything to have the party there because I am a member. I didn’t have to pay for a rental of the tables or chairs. I did have to pay for the catering and all of the cleanup. I also paid a small fee to have three portable heaters in the garden area. The three small portable heaters made it much warmer on a cold and chilly night. The propane heaters looked nice and provided a lot of warmth in the outdoor area. My parents had an amazing time and my sister still took half the credit for planning and executing the party.

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