The desk clerk said sorry for the HVAC unit complications

None of weeks ago, my wife plus I went to visit some friends plus family… Every one of us were going to stay with my wife’s sister, although she was having the flooring redone at the time plus I thought it was going to be a lot easier for us to stay at a hotel.

I picked a hotel that was by the interstate.

It was about 15 hours away from my wife’s sister’s house. I thought the people I was with and I were close enough that the people I was with and I could get there anytime the people I was with and I wanted, then when the people I was with and I checked into the hotel room, the first thing that I did was look at the HVAC unit. My wife plus I both have serious indoor allergies. If the HVAC unit is dirty or dusty, it will bother our allergies a great deal. I looked at the HVAC unit plus it was completely plus totally disgusting. It was 1 of the worst messes that I have ever seen. The ventilation duct work was covered with mold plus black slime. I called the front desk plus the employer really came to the room to look at the condition of the HVAC unit. The girl apologized for the complications plus gave us an replaced room. She promised not the maid is supposed to clean the air filters when they clean the rooms. I did not suppose that was really true, because the replaced room had the same problem. It wasn’t as bad, so I didn’t complain. Every one of us really won’t stay in that hotel again though after seeing the condition of the heating plus a/c.


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