I caught the guy napping in the storage room

A couple of months ago, the office made some updates to the heating and air conditioning system.

  • Downstairs in the storage room, there is a ductless air conditioning system with an air filtration system.

All of the files for the company are in the storage room and the boss wants to make sure that they are safe from mildew or mold damage. All of these files are still cases that may come up at a later date, so the information has to be intact and exact. In the storage room, the lights are usually kept off. There is a control room in the building and all of the heating, ventilation, AC, lighting, and security components are all monitored in this large room. We don’t have exact information for every place, but we do have some information for the storage room. Every time that storage room door is accessed, there is a small mark in the system. That means we can see every time someone enters and exits the room. It is a security measure to keep people from taking files home. Once a file goes home, we are going to end up losing important information so no one is allowed to take a file back to their home. There are two large tables in the storage room where people can look at files instead of taking them home. They can also make copies as well. One day, an employee went downstairs and disappeared for three hours. The lights were off and the AC was turned down to 67. The guy was napping on the floor of the storage room, just out of sight from the cameras.

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