All of the fees were returned after the extra check

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a tune-up performed on the furnace.

  • Winter is right around the corner.

The leaves are turning lots of different colors like yellow and green. It’s nice to see piles of leaves everywhere. The dogs and the kids like to play in those piles. When the leaves start to turn colors, it is a reminder to me that it is time to have a tune-up performed on the furnace. A tune-up can be a great way to take care of your furnace, because it provides complete care to all of the electrical and mechanical components. A trained and licensed heating and cooling technician performs the work. They check all of the different components in the system for one low price. If they find any problems during the system check, they offer discounts to have that work completed right away. When my husband and I had the heating system tune up, we wrote a check to the company for $89. I completely forgot about the check and it finally hit the bank a couple of days ago. I had money in there, but not for the second check that hit for $89 as well. I had no idea how the bank got a second check for $89. I immediately contacted the heating and AC Service center. They did not have a record for the second check either. I contacted the bank and it was their error. The morning bank teller accidentally entered the check twice. The credit union returned all of my money as well as the overdraft fees for the check.


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