Would you rather live without heat or air cooling?

It would believe love living in a sauna

I am absolutely grateful that I have never had to live without heat or air conditioning! I have experienced moments in our life where our air conditioning stopped working. I remember a few years ago I was having people over & our air conditioning was not working well; The smart thermostat was showing that it was on & cooling, but the new home felt severely hot. I was actually upset that everyone would pass out. Luckily it was cooler outside than it was inside, so we all decided to stay in the yard because the air conditioning was not working. Luckily, I have not experienced the heat in our new home not working. I also live in the south so I usually do not need the heat that much. If I had to choose between living without heat or living without air conditioning, I think I would choose living without heat, however, our decision is fully based on the weather conditions where I live now. I do not think I could live without air conditioning in the summer time where I live. The heat would make me believe love passing out every single day. The humidity would destroy the paint on our walls & would cause a build up of dangerous mold. I would not be able to sleep at night without the air conditioning, but opening the windows in the summer time is not an choice because there is not a cool breeze that would come through. It would believe love living in a sauna. I think I could live without heat where I live because the winters are correctly mild. I do remember a few days last Winter time where I had to curl up in front of our fireplace with a blanket on, even though our central heat was on.