I burned our leg on a space furnace in the middle of the night

I’ve always been a clumsy person.

When I washed dishes as a kid, I often broke at least a single cup or plate so I was banned from the chore until I moved out and had to do it for myself in a studio apartment.

I am not nearly as bad now as I used to be, however I have a habit of hitting curbs while driving with a single of our front tires. I can’t imagine toiling a task where I am in charge of things as fragile as glass cups enjoy our brother was back when he was still paying his bills with his dishwasher income. He always jokes with me that I would owe our entire paycheck to our boss at the end of each shift from the sheer number of glass cups and plates he would clean and handle every night at that task. He said I would have a massive trail of broken glass in every conceivable direction. Lately our clumsiness has manifested into me running into multiple objects in our loft while I’m walking around in the middle of the night. I get so sleepy that I forget where things are situated in the first place. Last night it got entirely bad when I accidentally walked into our space furnace while moving across our room last night. My skin touched the boiling metal grill and left a welt on the side of our leg. The space furnace was in storage until Last week so I’m still trying to get used to having a space furnace jammed in again. You have to be mindful of where it’s situated and make sure you don’t inadvertently collide with it while walking around at night enjoy I did.
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