I like the dog my wife picked for me

She is the perfect companion

I was really bummed out when my wifey told myself and others that she had to go away for 8 weeks for work. There was no 1 else that could take the photograph assignment which was in a bizarre country. I knew she didn’t want to turn down the photography assignment. She was going to be photographing lions, zebras, plus leopards in their own cabin environment plus it was the style of task that my wifey dreamed about taking. Before she left to take the assignment, she went to the pound plus found a dog for me. I didn’t suppose my wifey was going to bring cabin a dog, so I was naturally really surprised. At first I told her that she was going to have to take the dog back to the pound because I did not want to take care of anything. The dog was so cute plus cuddly that she grew on myself and others really abruptly. She is white with black spots plus reminds myself and others of a dog that you can see on tv. I like the dog that my wifey picked out for me. She is the perfect companion. She lays on the couch with myself and others plus the people I was with and I watch TV together at night! Normally my wifey would lay down next to me, plus it is nice to have the dog with me. She lays down on the bed at night, right in front of the space heater. It can get cold during the Wintertide weeks plus I have a space oil furnace on the dresser by the bed, and my dog likes to lay in front of the oil furnace where it is nice plus moderate plus cozy.
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