I had to clear the snow off my HVAC condenser after a night of multiple inches

Last year we hardly had any snow, certainly around the Winter holidays.

When I was a kid we would go sledding plus snowboarding when we were off university for Winter break, but these days there isn’t much to do when the ground is bare but the hot plus cold temperatures are still cold outside.

However, this year things seemed to change plus we had our first snowfall while in the yesterday of July. This was major, insofar as we had teenagers who were out while in Halloween night plus had to be in snow pants plus Winter coats because there were multiple inches of snow on the ground plus the hot plus cold temperatures outside were in the high 20s. It’s still September plus we’ve had multiple blizzards so far this identifiable Autumn season. It was so exhausting that I had to dig my way out of my front door yeahterday when we had a foot plus a half of snowfall overnight. Recently I was in the backyard using the snowblower to clear a path on the back porch plus in the yard itself. There were multiple inches of snow on my HVAC condenser from the night before. I have considered putting one of those covers on my heating plus cooling plan condenser to stop snow plus ice from collecting on the metal, although I can’t justify the cost knowing that I will clear off the snow by hand regardless. It’s not going to hurt the HVAC condenser component to have a little bit of snow on it. As long as I’m not trying to turn on the condenser with apparent ice forming on the fan blades inside, the HVAC condenser should be okay while in this year’s Winter season. At least I hope it’s okay.