Unexpected route leads to great HVAC discovery

It’s always a bit of a maneuver around the holidays for my wife and I. When you’re the only ones who don’t have children, the family tends to expect you to bend to their needs at Christmas. This means that we are the ones that have to travel during the Christmas holidays. Our families live way up north and they’re about three hours apart. The region we live in, all we need is a heat pump for the winter and it doesn’t even come on all that much. This is the sort of winter weather I enjoy. And there’s a reason we traded the gas furnace for the heat pump years ago. I just hate the cold and the snow and the ice. So that always leaves me with some mixed emotions when it’s time to travel to see both our families. I’m leaving perfect weather to go into bad weather and a bunch of HVAC heating. Plus. both moms keep their respective houses in the thermostat zone of a sauna. It’s just so freaking hot in each of those houses. And if you’re outside, it’s dangerously cold. However, as soon as I come inside, the thermostat setting is so high I want to sit around in my underwear. So, the ride home tends to be my favorite part. This year, due to a snowstorm, we had to take a detour mid trip. This took us along old highways and we were just creeping along. That forced us to spend the night in a little roadside motel. We thought it might be sketchy but it turned out to be lovely. Plus the place had an awesome HVAC unit. We were cozy and warm and it was just us so it was a delightful adventure.

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