I loved my old dial thermostat, but I ended up going for a smart thermostat

There’s also a learning mode which makes it so you don’t even have to program the thermostat

All my buddies kept telling me that I needed to get with the times and buy a smart thermostat. I kept saying that my dial thermostat was just fine. I actually got that dial thermostat from my grandparents back in the day. They said it was one of the best thermostats at the time, and it certainly was a good brand. It has lasted all these years and I honestly have never had any issues. Well, when we went to a local HVAC supplier this one time, I saw the thermostats were on sale, including the smart thermostats. I looked at the different makes and models and wasn’t sure about them. Then an HVAC professional was there and told us about the benefits of smart thermostats. He seemed surprised that I was still using a dial thermostat. He said that I could save around 15% on my energy bills just by going for a new smart thermostat. I found this hard to believe, but he showed me the statistics and told all of us about the abilities of these smart thermostats. He talked about geofencing which is a feature that makes it so the thermostat can turn the system off or to a minimal setting when leaving the house. It can also detect when you are coming back home and it will restore the system to your ideal temperature control settings. There’s also a learning mode which makes it so you don’t even have to program the thermostat. On top of that, you can adjust the temperature control settings remotely as you prefer. After hearing all this, I asked my buddies why they didn’t tell me I could save 15% on my energy bills, and I bought the smart thermostat.


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