Ending the fights over the thermostat

Playing referee inside our home is not what I’m looking to do after a long day inside the zone controlled heating and A/C of the office.

When I come home from the office, I am always hoping for a few moments where I can just sit in the air conditioning plus relax, but usually that does not last long at all because there is some sort of squabble between the adolescents… However, I have 4 adolescents that are actually close in age.

I guess if our adolescents were guys I have a whole lot better at ending those fights, then my dad would just kind of knock our heads together plus tell us to get right or get out; that’s so not going to fly in this day plus age, plus totally not with adolescents. Still, I just want a few hours of quality heating plus air in our recliner; yet, somebody wore something else’s plus got a stain on it or whatever. It’s really just an endless cycle of fights, but even the heating and A/C temperature control setting has been a cause for fights almost yearly… However, I got crafty and fixed that situation. I got so tired of hearing the adolescents whine plus fight about the heating and A/C temperature control setting that I called the heating and A/C professionals. I was tired of the temperature control being jerked all over the arena all the time plus I wanted some input on the temperature control setting as well. So an actual heating and A/C professional was able to change our existing heating and A/C component into zone controlled heating and A/C, and now there are more than five heating and A/C zones in our home that can all be independently controlled. At least that’s a single fight that I don’t have to listen to anymore.

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