Ended up talking to the HVAC pro about the best new HVAC for my needs

When I had an HVAC professional come out to tune up my heating system, I asked him to take a seat in the kitchen for a minute.

He seemed confused at first, but I told him I wanted to talk about potentially getting a new heating system.

First he said, he would have to check my current HVAC to know what would be best for the home. So we checked the HVAC very quickly and then he had a seat in the kitchen. He said I had a nice basement and I told him I was planning on finishing it. I thought it would be great to have it sectioned off with a few different bedrooms, and I figured that I could even have a space with a movie theater. When I spoke about all that, he said that in the future when it was finished, it would be perfect to have a ductless multi-split system. He said that I could even get a system early on before the basement was finished, and then I could add more zones to the system later on. He said he recommended an 8 zone system running off a single condenser unit. I was surprised and asked him if that was really possible. He explained there were some highly advanced heat pumps on the market, and the technology was only continuing to improve. He even explained to me that he could get me a nice system with built-in air purification. On top of that, the system would use HEPA filters, for superior air quality in my home. This system sounded too good to pass up, so I made arrangements for a new install right away!


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