During a commercial break, I showed our buddies how our smart temperature control worked

I was set with a tuned up HVAC, beer, plus popcorn when both of us were seeing pigskin.

My buddies all came over plus also brought more beer plus popcorn.

We had plenty of food to be honest. My one friend made some delicious shish kabobs with steak, chicken, peppers, bell peppers, plus the flavors were amazing. When our friends asked myself and others to adjust the temperature control settings, I rapidly brought up the smart app on our iphone plus made the change. My one friend asked myself and others if I was ever going to adjust the temperature control, plus I told him I already did! He said it looked appreciate I just picked up our iphone plus texted somebody, plus that’s it. Everybody agreed that I never bothered to go to the temperature control to adjust the furnace. That’s when I told them I didn’t have to do that because I had a smart temperature control installed. My buddies don’t truly keep up with up-to-date HVAC technology, so they wanted to guess what in the world I was talking about. I explained that a smart temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature control settings from anywhere on any wireless affixed device. I showed them the smart app on our iphone, plus they all thought it was pretty amazing. They said it was absolutely convenient not having to walk to the temperature control, plus they were all interested in getting something similar to our smart temperature control. I told them they didn’t have to get anything expensive, even a simple wireless temperature control would allow them to adjust the temperature control settings remotely. They’re all talking about getting one soon.

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