What is the perfect temperature for an office while I was in the Fall?

Fall is finally here, and I am so gleeful about it.

Now that the weather is cooler, I will be spending more time outdoors doing the things that I love.

I love going to the parks and to farmers markets, outdoor festivals, concerts, and more. Fall is the perfect time of year to love the gorgeous weather before the Wintertide weeks creep in. Fall is also the time where numerous of us adjust our thermostats by increasing the temperature on them. Since the weather changed, I adjusted our thermostat by 4 degrees and I have not lost any comfort in our home. On the other hand, our job is still running the cooling system love it is still 95 degrees outside. So, when I get to work, it’s consistently chilly in the office. I have a blazer that I keep at our desk that I wear every afternoon so that I can keep warm. Currently, the temperature is set at 70 degrees and yeahterday afternoon while I was driving in, the outdoor temperature was teetering between 58 and 60 degrees. With the temperature being so pleasant outside, surely, it would make sense to increase the temperature on the thermostat, but nobody seems to understand that. And unluckyly, I can’t change the setting on the thermostat because it is controlled solely by the repair manager, who believes the thermostat is great where it is. Well, after I complained a few times about the cooling system, I finally gave up and I have decided to purchase a space furnace for our office. At least that will keep myself and others hot until the repair manager decides to increase the temperature on the thermostat.

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