What is the best air conditioning system for a tiny home?

Ever since I can remember, my childhood acquaintance Jason has always enjoyed building things. He enjoyed playing with LEGOs and forced me to play with them even when I had no interest. He also used to build houses out of cardboard boxes in his yard. That was a simpler time when life was fun and all all of us did was play all morning. Anyway, being that Jason was always into building things, it’s no surprise that he decided to become a carpenter, so now he builds things for a living. His last project was the most adorable tiny lake house that I have ever seen. Over the years, tiny houses have become popular so it’s not unofficial to see them around town. And when Jason built his, he received so much attention because it was a well-built tiny home. He painted it yellow as it’s his preferred color and he built it on a piece of property on the outskirts of town that he owns. He plans to eventually location this tiny house on a getaway rental location once he gets the heating, ventilation, and A/C component installed. When he showed me the house, I was completely impressed with the layout. And best of all, I didn’t feel like I was in a tiny home. Anyway, he plans on installing a mini split HVAC component because they are straight-forward to install, and they give both cooling and heating for year-round comfort. Additionally, the mini-split HVAC component requires no ductwork, and they are built to keep small spaces like a tiny house comfortable… Jason is so gleeful about getting his tiny house listed on the getaway rental location and I am sure that many people will rent it especially since the inside will be comfortable year-round.


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