Is it beneficial to purchase an HVAC service agreement?

Last week, my daughter called me and asked me if she should purchase an HVAC service agreement.

I was caught off-guard because she had only been living in her home for about a year now, and the HVAC unit is about 10 years old.

And she has never mentioned having any issues with the HVAC system. I have never purchased a service agreement, but depending on what is being offered and the age of the HVAC unit, some service agreements can be beneficial to the homeowner. For instance, some companies offer supplies like air filters and lubricants as part of their service agreement. In addition, labor cost for yearly inspections and tune-ups, small parts like screws and fuses, and of course, 24-hour emergency service. Furthermore, having a service agreement can extend the life of an HVAC system and it can also prevent any unforeseen malfunctions. Of course, if the agreement costs too much money, a significant amount more than what you would be paying for service during the year, then perhaps purchasing a service agreement is not worth it. As for my daughter, it could be beneficial for her to purchase a service agreement because her HVAC unit is approaching the 10-year mark. Most modern HVAC units are built to last between 15 and 25 years depending on use and maintenance over the years. If the unit is showing signs of decline, she should decide between a service agreement or purchasing a new unit. I honestly didn’t have a solid answer for her, as it will take a bit more research to make this decision.

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