Is it beneficial to clean the HVAC ductwork?

It baffles me when people argue over situations that make no sense.

My dad and my brother are always arguing for no reason at all.

I am annoyed every time they argue and try to pull me into the mess to choose a side. At times, I have no clue what they are even arguing about. The last time they argued, it was because my dad got his air ducts cleaned and my brother didn’t think it was a necessary expense. My brother Kevin tried to get me to explain to my dad why getting the HVAC ductwork cleaned makes no sense. Now, I have never gotten my ductwork cleaned, but that’s because my HVAC technician has never suggested it to me. According to Kevin, cleaning the ductwork should only happen on an as needed basis. He explained that unless there is a dead animal or excess build-up of mold or debris, then there is no need to spend money cleaning out ductwork. I stayed out of that argument because at the time I knew nothing about ductwork cleaning. However, that evening, I did some research, and it turns out my brother was right. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners should only clean air ducts if mold is detected or if there is an infestation or dead animals in the air ducts or if there is a buildup of excessive dirt and debris. I honestly don’t see the harm in my dad getting the air ducts cleaned because I did see that there are some benefits to it. Cleaning the ducts can improve indoor air quality by reducing pollutants and it can also improve the efficiency of the HVAC unit.

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