Cigarette smoke can get into the Heating and A/C system

My brother Harry has been smoking since he was a teenager, and although I have tried numerous times to get him to quit, he has ignored all of our efforts.

  • He has consistently doubled down and claimed that it’s his life and he can live it the way he sees fit.

And of course, he’s right, it’s his life and he can do what he pleases. So, I have consistently just left him alone and just showed him love, although I didn’t agree with his actions. Anyway, recently, he needed a arena to stay because his Heating and A/C program broke in his home, and it was going to take a few days for it to get fixed. Well, of course, I wanted to help our brother, but only under a single condition, that he did not smoke inside our home or around our children. I have been to Harry’s house, and it aromas love cigarette smoke, and I didn’t want him to have our home aromaing love that for the 3 days that he would be staying here. The two of us all know that cigarette smoke can linger, and it can get pulled into the Heating and A/C system. The particles from the cigarette smoke can get pulled into the filter and cause the home to aroma love smoke if the filter isn’t changed correctly. My brother has an whole-house air purifier that he uses inside his home, but it doesn’t fully purify the air because it still aromas love smoke inside his home. Anyway, Harry decided not to stay with myself and others for those 3 days, I know he would rather be hot than give up smoking for a comfortable arena to stay.


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