Can you safely heat your home with a space heater?

Over the years, space heaters have gotten some really bad reviews.

And of course, the studies have shown that some space heaters can be dangerous when they are left unattended or if they are used incorrectly.

While some space heaters have a bad wrap, they can be used to safely heat small spaces in your home. For example, my mom uses a space heater in her bathroom during the Winter months because her bathroom is always cold even with the heat on inside the house. And the heater works great for that space because it’s only running for a short period of time and it is not left unattended. She also keeps it away from any fabric or flammable materials, so she is using the space heater as it was intended. On the other hand, if she was trying to use that space heater to warm her entire house or if she were to leave it unattended at night, then she would be taking a risk with the heater. Most modern heaters are built with cutoff switches, so if they are knocked over, they turn themselves off. Additionally, some of the new heaters have a remote control so that you can better access the equipment. There is also a switch in place just in case the equipment overheats. With all these modern safety features, space heaters are certainly safer than they were a few years ago. But just because these safety features are in place, it is always best to follow the instructions on how to properly use a space heater in your home.


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