The free gift

There was this new heating and air conditioning company that just opened up in my local area.

In order to help gain customers and have people try them out, they were offering a free gift with all HVAC tune up and check ups, ductwork cleaning, heating and air conditioning system repair and also heating and air conditioning installation.

The free gift they were offering was 2 packs of HEPA air filters for central heat and a/c units. HEPA air filters are not cheap, so this is quite a gift! It made me want to give them a try, and I did. They lived up to their expectations and I was very happy with the heating and air conditioning tune up and check up that I got from them. I think i will call them again the next time I need heat and cooling repair. They were very prompt, very knowledgeable and they also were very friendly. All the things I look for when hiring heating and air conditioning specialists to take care of all my heat and cooling needs. Getting the HEPA air filters was a real great bonus too! There is no catch and these are the real deal. No factory defects either. These HEPA air filters are just as good as new as if I went to the store and spent the money to buy them myself. Also by getting these HEPA air filters it is going to save me money because I will not have to go out and buy air filters at the store for quite a long time.

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