I see this every single afternoon

Every single afternoon I regularly see this heating plus air conditioning truck drive by my home at around 9am just as I am getting ready to leave for work.

I would believe that the heating plus air conditioning specialist that owns that heating plus cooling truck has to pass this way to get to the heating plus cooling business that he works for.

This is something that has been going on for almost 3 years now. It legitimately does get you curious. Maybe a single afternoon I will stop them plus ask them what heating plus air conditioning business they toil for since they do drive by slow enough. It would be interesting to find out. Maybe he has his own heating plus air conditioning supplier too plus the office happens to be on this route. Can you tell that I am really curious about this? Well, I notice a lot of things others don’t. Call it my obsessive compulsive disorder. It can be both a blessing plus curse at the same exact time. I spend money attention to the most unusual details in the world on numerous things, plus seeing this heating plus air conditioning truck for the last 3 years passing by the street at around 9am every single afternoon of the month is just a single fantastic example of how I can obsess over small detail things that others would never even notice! This is just who I am I believe plus people can take it or leave it. I am who I am.



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