Not Sleeping so Well But That Can be a Good Sign

I didn’t sleep so well last night as I had a lot of emotions and thoughts swirling in my mind. My life is in a state of change right now and it is a bit unsettling for my soul as when I wake in the middle of the night my soul speaks the clearest. I think I have a strong desire to make a change in the world but I am not moving in that direction due to fear or something. Whatever the case may be, I can feel a shift taking place to push me ahead. I love doing HVAC equipment repair jobs as it allows me to help others to live a more comfortable life. I sometimes sing when I am working and have had several people tell me that I should be a singer. It reminds me of the song Mr Tanner by Harry Chapin, check it out if you fancy stories about life. My dad was an HVAC pro and worked in the field for a long time and taught me everything I know about HVAC. I would love to sing in clubs around the country and inspire others in my way. I know I won’t be world famous but that is fine with me, playing in local businesses in my town would be good enough for me. You don’t need to be at the top of your field to enjoy your life and what you are doing. Fame brings with it a whole host of problems that many people don’t see. I’ll just keep on pushing and see what happens.
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