My Heating and Air Conditioning System

I wonder where the cheapest city in the world is to live and if it is an enjoyable place to live.

Okay, I just googled it and it is over in Asia in one of the smaller countries.

I can’t name it or my article will pop up over in that country and the people there will be wondering why an air condition company from the states is doing business over there. You can live for about $1000 a month total if renting a studio. I live about the same here in a three bedroom flat, with central heat and air, with one roommate. So I’m not in such a high cost of living town myself either. I think in the states I would pay about three times what I pay here to live. I’ll give you a hint, where I live they call it the Jewel of the Mediterranean. I have a nice flat in the city center, with a good climate control system, less than a quarter mile from the sea. I think if I rode my bike quickly I could be at the coast in about a minute and a half, not bad for $1000 a month! The new contractor in town hired me a few years ago and we work together a few days a week doing air quality system installations and repairs. The air quality in this town is great as far as pollution goes but not so good in the pollen category as we have a lot of oak trees that drop yellow pollen.
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