Just found out why they’re called HVAC professionals

I’m very fortunate but I also think I had a had in building me good fortune. When I was a kid, I was passionate about finance. For some reason, I just loved making money and saving it. My dad saw this and was super helpful with introducing me to investing. I was more interested in the quotes than I was in getting out of the air conditioning to play. By the time I got to college, I was fully into all things finance. Getting my bachelors degree and then a masters in finance was the first step to the career that I ended up forging for myself. These days, I work inside the zone controlled HVAC comfort of a very nice office building downtown. And I’m there so much that I tend to lean on help when it comes to the chores I need done around the house. My house is pretty expansive and comes with the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology. I am part of the HVAC service plan and the HVAC company takes care of all the HVAC maintenance. But I have a handyman who does lots of projects around my house. So when I thought the HVAC cooling wasn’t as cool as it should be, I called him. Well let me tell you, I got an earful when it came to who should be working on HVAC equipment. The handyman made sure that I understood that only a certified HVAC technician should be anywhere near an HVAC unit. For sure, I know now why these folks are called HVAC professionals.


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