HVAC contractor did a fantastic job with the geo heat pump

When we were deciding the particulars and certain details about our house, there was one that stood out.

My wife and I had worked inside the central air conditioning of our old house designing our new house for three years.

And from the very first, we knew that we wanted to get a geothermal heat pump for the heating and cooling in our new place. The house that we designed was one where sustainability and efficiency take center stage. This is an approach that we take in our day to day lives so it only made sense that we would build a sustainability construct into our designs. The house we sold was a bigger home as that’s where we raised our family. But keeping it for just the two of us was not wise. For one thing, it was so big that just the heating and cooling costs were ridiculous for two people and a dog. On top of that, the place was really built for a family. So we were thrilled that a couple who are starting our family became the new owners of that house. We moved into a rented condo with the sort of heating and cooling that motivated us to get our house built post haste. Yet, we had to find the right sort of HVAC contractor to do the work on the geo heat pump. If the geothermal heat pump is installed with great precision and accuracy, the maximum benefits are nullified. So we had a lot riding on that HVAC professional. But it all turned out great as we did get the right HVAC contractor and we just love the geo heat pump so much.

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