The military command post was basically two portable buildings in the middle of the ice

I retired from the military last year and it could not have come at a better time.

  • My daughter is pregnant and she is going to give birth to my first grandchild.

I really didn’t want to be halfway across the world when my first grandchild was welcome to the world. When I was given the option for retirement, I jumped on the idea. One of the biggest reasons was due to my last military command post. It was basically two portable buildings in the middle of a frozen tundra. There was ice everywhere for miles and miles and I was stuck in an arctic freezer for 6 months with only two other people. The portable buildings were set up in the middle of an area that was known for poaching. The buildings were white like the snow so they were difficult to see. They were also incredibly difficult to heat. The portable buildings did not have any furnace or central heating device. The portable and mobile buildings were more tarp and canvas than an actual building. My two co-workers and I relied on a special suit that we wore under our clothes. The suit was made of a material that conducted heat from the body. It was easy to wear and made of breathable materials. If it wasn’t for the heat suit, I surely would have frozen to death during that last six months of duty. Believe me, when I finally had the opportunity to leave that place, I was on the first plane to the mainland.



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