We get a great deal of snow in our new area

When we moved to a new place, we ended up getting way more snow than we could have imagined.

I didn’t even expect that much snow in the winter to be honest, but I was totally wrong about that. I guess I could have studied the weather patterns of the area before choosing to purchase a home, but at least I made sure the HVAC equipment was in good working order. I tested the heating system before the winter and had a professional come out for an HVAC tune-up. We didn’t even have a snowblower, just a couple of shovels and only one of them was a heavy duty one. I told my wife I would take care of all the snow shoveling, but she insisted on helping me. I was mainly concerned because she didn’t have any snow boots, she just wore some regular sneakers out there and her feet ended up becoming soaking wet and cold. I told her she needed to take a hot bath before she ended up getting frostbite and losing her toes. Before we had to deal with the next winter storm, I ended up going to the store to get her some snow boots. The boots I got her were especially nice and they were lined with fur too! I thought they had a very modern look and they would keep her feet nice and toasty. The best thing was that they were waterproof so she wouldn’t have to deal with soaking wet feet anymore when trying to help me shovel the snow. I also ended up finding a snowblower that was on sale, I couldn’t pass it up! I was so happy when I brought the new snow blower back. Now I can handle all the snow in no time and get back to the comfort of the heating system.