The air quality improved a lot after the ductwork cleaning

The other day when my wife was done vacuuming, she told me we had a huge problem. I sat there ready for her to tell me what was going on and she said there was too much dust accumulation in the house. She even told me to look around and she pointed at all the dust floating around. I asked, “Isn’t that normal when you vacuum to kick up some dust?” She freaked out on me and said that was not a little bit of dust and we had to do something about it. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to do and she said I should call up the HVAC company to see what they could do. I ended up calling them because it seemed like she might kill me if I didn’t. I told the HVAC professional on the phone about the problem with dust buildup in the home. The guy said we would probably need an official ductwork cleaning and asked if I had been changing the air filters. The air filters were definitely changed, but I wasn’t using the best quality air filters. When I had an HVAC professional out to take care of the ductwork cleaning, he talked me into going for HEPA filters. He was telling me how I wouldn’t have to worry about dust buildup with those air filters working. He said my air quality would improve and my wife would be happy. That was the main thing I wanted, for her to be happy so I went for the HEPA filters. After the ductwork cleaning and using the new air filters, there was no dust to be seen and my wife said we had to do this ductwork cleaning regularly.

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