My son never forgave me after the accident

My son and I had sort of a falling out when he moved out on his own.

I told him he could stay at home for as long as he needed and he could focus on his studies in college.

He said he didn’t need me anymore though and he still blamed me for his mother passing away. I couldn’t argue with him, I felt like I was responsible. That night when she died haunts me every single day. It was a dark and stormy night and we were driving to the store for something. I don’t even remember what we were going to get but the car hydroplaned and we went into the other lane and almost slammed into another car. Instead I swerved off the road and we crashed into a tree. Tragically, my wife did not survive the accident and it wasn’t easy telling my son about what happened. He holds that against me and there’s nothing I can do to change anything. Still, I tried to give him stuff he might need for college. I gave him a portable HVAC unit and a UV air purifier. I figured he could always be comfy with the perfect temperature control settings and the air quality in his place would always be nice. He took the gifts but he said it wasn’t going to improve anything between us. He at least comes to visit every so often now and he has been getting good marks in school. He only asked me for one thing and that was to help him cover the cost for an HVAC repair at his residence, which didn’t cost too much money. I hope one of these days he will forgive me, but until then I will just continue to be the best father I can be.

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