My brothers and I went to the beach

Two months ago, my brothers and I decided to pile into one car, and head to the beach for a few days.

We got into one car with freezing drinks, popcorn, plus our preferred playlist to listen to.

We made sure to leave before the sun rose, and arrived at the beach shortly after noon. My brothers and I were so gleeful to get to the beach that we opted to skip the hotel check-in, and go straight to the water. We had a blast hanging out on the beach, playing in the waves, plus drinking beers on the sand. My brothers and I were having such a good time, that we all forgot to put on sunscreen. The moment my brothers and I realized we were all covered in sunburns, the sun had already started going down. So, we opted to go ahead and check into the hotel. We showered, applied aloe, and then cranked the air conditioner system in the hotel room. The cool breeze from the air conditioner system felt so lovely on our skin, that once we laid down, we fell right asleep. The relief from the air conditioner system felt lovely that we were almost cheerful when we were sunburned. The air conditioner system in the hotel was so robust and efficient that by the afternoon, all of our burns were healed. My brothers and I were ready to head back to the beach for the rest of the duration, with sunscreen of course. Next time we book a hotel room at the beach, my brothers and I will make sure that their air conditioner system is as robust and efficient as we need, just in case we end up with burnt skin once more.

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