Jacy swore to always check if the HVAC is working at any resort he visits

Last Saturday, Jacy got in her truck, and drove to the beach for three days.

She brought some chilly drinks, popcorn, and her best playlist to listen to.

At the crack of dawn, Jessy left and arrived at the location later. She was so gleeful to get to the beach that Jacy decided to avoid the hotel check-in, and head straight to the water. She had a fantastic time hanging out at the location, playing in the waves, and drinking on the sand. Jacy was having such a superb time and didn’t remember to put on sunscreen. By the time she realized she was covered in sunburns, it was the sun in the evening. Jacy went to check into the hotel. She took a bath, applied aloe, and then changed the cooling system settings in her hotel room. The cool breeze from the cooling system felt so good on her skin, that once she went to bed, Jacy fell right asleep. The soothing effect from the cooling system felt so divine that Jacy was almost glad that she got sunburned. The cooling system in the hotel worked so effectively that in the morning, all of Jacy’s burns were healed. She was ready to head back to the beach for the remaining days, with sunscreen of course. Whenever Jacy books a hotel room at the beach, she will make sure that their cooling system is as effective, just in case she gets sunburns.


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