Dad and his brother were delighted by the cool AC breeze

About a year back, dad and his brother drove to the lake for the weekend.

The two best bros filled my vehicle with freezing drinks, snacks, music and some fishing gear.

They left early in the morning, and reached the lake in the afternoon. Dad and his brother were so happy to get to the lake that they saw it fit to skip the lodge check-in, and head straight to the lake. They had a great time hanging out on the shore, dipping their feet in the water, and drinking beers on the gravel. The best bros were having such a great time, however, that no one remembered to put on sunscreen. When my dad and uncle realized that they were covered in sunburns, the sun had already started setting. The best bros made the choice to go ahead and check into the lodge. They showered, applied camomile, and then adjusted the aircon system in their lodge room. The cold air from the aircon unit felt so great on their skin, that once dad and his brother laid down, they fell right asleep. The relief from the aircon unit felt so great that they were almost blissful that they were sunburned. The aircon system in the lodge was so powerful that by the afternoon, all of the burns weren’t sore. My dad and uncle were ready to head back to the lake for the rest of the time, with sunscreen of course. Next time they book a lodge room at the lake, they will make sure that their aircon unit is as top-notch as they need, just in case they forget to apply sunscreen.
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