A whole-home humidifier made the condo much more comfortable

Alice was coming to spend a month with us at the condo, and I couldn’t wait. We’d known each other since we met in kindergarten and had always been best of friends. Even our spouses said we were more like sisters. Alice had been mad at me when my then-fiance and I moved away to a new city for work. But, we always made it a point to speak often and visit. Alice was coming to spend time with me and see our new baby. My husband was leaving for a work trip abroad, and we were so excited to be spending the time together. He went and picked Alice from the airport, and we screamed when she walked into the house. Alice happened to mention from that moment how humid the house was. I felt it too and wasn’t quite sure what to do since the cooling system was working. Alice informed me the best solution was to get a whole-condo dehumidifier. The unit would work with the cooling system to keep the house comfortable for the baby and us. My husband said that was a good idea, but he had to leave. It was up to Alice and me to call an HVAC worker to the condo. He serviced our cooling system and helped to pick out the right whole-condo dehumidifier. It only took a day for the HVAC supplier to ship the unit, and we were enjoying a lovely condo atmosphere once the installation process was complete. The AC worker even informed us the unit could function as a humidifier in winter when there was a lot of dry air in the condo. That was music to my ears since we had a small baby in our home.

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