A portable HVAC unit saved the day

Nancy was all set to relax at the cabin after a busy month.

The whole time she spent at work, she was getting home late and leaving early.

So after handing in the work, she opted to go away for a short vacation. Her family owned a cabin up north which wasn’t occupied at the time. Nancy called her dad to let him know she would be spending two days at the cabin. Her dad was happy she let him know and wished her a safe journey. Nancy left early on a Saturday morning and drove to the location. The area was so calming, and she felt herself relax after leaving the crazy city. Nancy got to the cabin late afternoon after stopping in a small town to get some supplies. The house required some cleaning and airing out before she’d sit down to relax. Plus, it was a bit warm, so Nancy turned on the AC unit in the cabin. The air conditioner functioned well for about two hours cooling the space, much to Nancy’s delight. However, it started to make a strange noise later in the evening. Nancy at first wanted to ignore the sound, but the AC mechanic she spoke to told her it was better to switch it off. She’d come by the next day to check out the cause of the AC noise. Nancy did that and went to the storage closet to fetch a portable HVAC unit her dad had bought for emergencies two years back. It saved her whole relaxing weekend since she was quite comfortable.

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