Harry had to hire a crew for professional duct cleaning

The lake cabin had always been the best place to sit and paint.

Harry purchased it because it had the most relaxing views no matter what season it was.

The best paintings that earned him a lot of money were painted in that location. Harry believed it was a blessing and an answer to his prayers, a while back, he was a struggling artist who didn’t sell any of his works. He came upon the lake cabin during a hike to clear his mind, and the owner allowed him to stay for a week. Harry didn’t have any money to pay him, so instead, he painted the owner a relaxing self-portrait; Later, Harry managed to buy the space and went back and forth to the city. Last summer, he finished some shows and chose the lake house. It was in drastic need of cleaning, plus Harry suspected there was an issue with the a/c. Harry’s friend had stayed there a month back and said the A/C unit was emitting a peculiar smell. Harry went to investigate and discovered the A/C unit was producing the smell, which was now quite horrible. He switched off the cooling system and contacted an A/C service supplier in the area. They sent over two HVAC experts to inspect the a/c and found so much mold in the air duct. Harry hadn’t hired experts to scrub the air ducts in a long time. They agreed on the cost of duct cleaning, and the A/C professional went to work making sure every inch of the a/c unit was cleaned.
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