It wasn’t appreciate any other custom built couch I had ever seen.

When I first met our ex-spouse, she couldn’t wait for myself and others to meet her parents and siblings.

She kept telling myself and others about the aged furniture in the house that had been custom built by her Grandpa.

I liked her Grandpa when we first stopped at her house. I was a bit skeptical about the custom built furniture that was in her parents’ house once I saw her Grandpa’s house. My ex provided myself and others a pointed and angry look, although she didn’t say anything. Everyone was sitting in the kitchens watching wrestling when we walked into the house. My ex climbed up onto the oblong piece of wood and told myself and others to join him. Her custom built couch was nothing more than an oblong box with a more than one inch homemade pillow localed on top. It was the ugliest and most uncomfortable thing I had ever seen. I tried to ask him about the custom-built furniture, although she was getting so cranky at me, that I was afraid to say anything. My mother-in-law invited myself and others to go out onto the porch with her. I sat down on one of the prettiest rocking chairs I had ever seen. It was heavy and comfortable. I asked her where they got the rocking chair. She said that our ex’s Grandpa had made the wooden rocker and the other wooden furniture in the house. She just didn’t make the ugly custom built couch. I covered our mouth and chuckled, however instantly stopped. I looked over to see the smile on our mother-in-law’s face, and I could see her chest jumping with silent laughter.

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