Killed the indoor air odors at the source thanks to HVAC addition

It takes a lot for me to choose to stay in the office after quitting time.

Sure, the zone controlled HVAC is great but we have wonderful heating and cooling at home.

Still, I chose over and over again to stay at the office and work more instead of going home. It was getting so frequent that my wife showed up at the office unannounced a few times. She just wanted to see with her own eyes that I was indeed working. The reason I didn’t like going home was pretty insignificant perhaps but it wasn’t to me. I hated opening the door of my home expecting to be enveloped in HVAC comfort on to be repulsed. That quality heating and air feeling I wanted was replaced with a smack in the mouth from the indoor odors of our home. It was that bad. We have kids, two dogs, a cat and we love to try new cooking techniques that don’t always go as intended. Plus, I have sealed the house super tight in order to maintain as much HVAC efficiency as I possibly can. So there is just no fresh air and the deodorizers we have tried just don’t cut it. My wife finally called the HVAC company to get to the root of the problem and solve it. They suggested the whole home air purification system. This is an air purifier that works with the HVAC equipment to destroy all airborne contaminants. That includes the bacteria that cause the odors in our indoor air. It took exactly 24 hours for our home to smell like a brand new place. Needless to say, I’m out the door and headed for home on time now.

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