Facing HVAC outage tough but enlightening

Okay, when you mix procrastination and risk taking together, it’s generally a bad mix with an assured poor result.

At least that’s what I have found over all these years. So why do I keep doing it then? Once again, I have used my default procrastinatory reaction to bad news to force me into a poor gamble. It started many months ago when the HVAC technician told us we were getting to a place with the HVAC unit that it could fail pretty much any time. The HVAC utility costs had gone up and the HVAC equipment was running more in an effort just to catch up. Initially, I reacted much like I always do with the hopes that something miraculous would happen to save us that expense. While replacing HVAC equipment is indeed expensive, the chances of miraculous heating and cooling healing was slim. And still, I did nothing about the HVAC equipment. Next thing I knew, it was summer. Summer around here is brutal hot. You need great HVAC cooling just to get through it. And still no new HVAC unit. My wife was nearly livid over the whole thing. Finally, I met with the HVAC contractor to figure out what we could afford and what was new in residential HVAC. And yet, I still procrastinated. Of course, in the middle of July I got a call from home letting me know the air conditioner was finished. So I called the HVAC company to schedule the new HVAC unit installation and sign the financing papers. This is when I found out that there would be up to an 8 week waiting period for the new HVAC equipment. My wife took the girls and is staying with her parents. They have good HVAC cooling. I’m at home changing the way I feel about HVAC cooling.