Cleaning HVAC air ducts is something I should have been doing all along

I got the usual rest, fluids and all that sort of thing.

When I get sick, I’m just the living worst. I turn into this whiney, bad tempered, sulky, exhausted sack of bones. Not only do I hate being sick, my entire family hates it as well. I get out of bed all grumpy to change the HVAC thermostat setting and then glare at everyone as though they should have already done it. It’s like that and it’s just no good. And over the last few years, my colds have hung on longer and longer. So my wife was having none of it when I got sick this last time. She yanked me out of the bed in my perfect HVAC comfort setting and delivered me to the doctor. I don’t much like going to the doctor when I’m sick. For one, it’s like the air conditioning is on blast all the time in there. When I’m sick, the last thing I want is HVAC cooling. But, I too wanted not to be a lingering sicky for a month so I was ready to take the pills or whatever the doc said. Yet, I was quite surprised to find that my prescription did not come with a trip to the pharmacy. I got the usual rest, fluids and all that sort of thing. But the doctor also told me to call the HVAC company and get my HVAC air ducts cleaned. He told me that ductwork cleaning would really help my immune response to my respiratory ailments. The doctor explained how dirty ductwork can facilitate airborne contaminants attacking the respiratory system which makes it all the harder to heal from being sick.