It was too hot to ride the motorcycle.

I used to love riding my motorcycle.

When I was younger, I didn’t think anything could stop me from jumping on the motorcycle and taking off down the road.

I would ride all day and go wherever the road took me. The wind in my face and flowing through my hair was all the air conditioning I needed. Once I got married and had a family, I didn’t have much time to get on my motorcycle. I rode it to work when the weather wasn’t inclement, and once in a while, I would pull it out of the garage on a weekend. Usually, I was riding in the car, trying to drown out the screams of my kids, and the drone of my wife’s voice as she tried to calm down the kids. I had the air conditioning blowing in my face, and the radio drowned out the noise. I guess I got so used to the air conditioning of the car that I found I minded the heat more than when I was younger. I thought I could go back to the motorcycle when I got a divorce, but I found it was too hot to ride. I missed the feel of the wind in my hair, but I missed the air conditioning of the car even more. I worked on my car to get even more air conditioning and gave up on the motorcycles except for spring and fall. It surprises me how much getting older has changed me. I find that I really need air conditioning more than I need to be free.



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