Mom got the AC unit tested last fall

I had plans for the road trip to last much longer… My childhood friend and I hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and all of us all happened to be house at the same time last summer time and met up. While having some dinner in the village, someone recommended all of us go for a road trip. Two of us had excellent 4 by 4 vehicles which would fit 8 people… So all of us got our finances together and drew a map of where all of us wanted to go. The journey started in June, and all of us intended to be gone until November. The goal was to cover as much of the country as possible before late fall when all of us resumed work. However, I got a call in the middle of our trip and had to get back. I left my friends and flew back house to get ready for work. Mom was checking the air conditioner unit when I got into the house. She was glad to see me and asked how the trip had been. I shared lots of information as all of us looked at the indoor and outdoor HVAC. Mom was trying to determine if to get the air conditioner tested before winter. I proposed her it was the right thing to do since no 1 wanted the AC unit to chop down in the middle of winter. Mom saw sense in that and called the HVAC contractor down the street for assistance. They’d taken care of installing the air conditioner unit a few years back and constantly came to the lake house for service twice a year. All of us were lucky mom had called the HVAC contractor because all of us found out the air filter was completely worn out and required a substitutement.

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