Fall getaway

Taking a getaway in the fall is something that myself and others and my wife do every year.

Every one of us usually do it right at the end of September when the weather is cooling off and the two of us can get a week off from work.

This year the two of us decided to take our getaway back east where my wife grew up, and the two of us stayed in a hotel in the city. It was a really good time the two of us had and the hotel was even better. They had the best central heating in there that I guess I have ever experienced. Back east it is getting really freezing at night this time of the year, and the two of us were grateful that they had such good central heating. Also, on top of the good central heating they also had good air quality. Hotels in the town sometimes suffer from bad air quality because of it being in a tied up town area, however this hotel must have had something similar to a whole lake house air purification method or something. Because the air quality was the absolute best right up there with the central furnace. When the two of us got home, the two of us were really thankful for the good time the two of us had and the good hotel the two of us got to stay in; Our central heating at lake house is not as good, however it does the job. And the air quality here at lake house is also not as good. It got us thinking that the two of us may want to invest in a whole lake house whole-house air purifier.

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