I was covered in sweat from the radiant, heated flooring.

When my husband asked about having radiant heated flooring installed in our home, I had no problem with it.

  • I told his it would be nice to have radiant heat in the powder rooms.

I thought he realized what I was saying. I wanted the radiant heating in the powder rooms only, but not in the other rooms. She ended up having the radiant heating installed in our kitchen, and the other numerous kitchens. She even had radiant heating installed in the kitchen. I knew I had a temperature control in every room, but the heat was coming from the floor. Was it nice to get out of bed in the Winter and have a warm floor? Yes, it was nice. It wasn’t nice to be kneeling in the kitchen and feeling heat radiate up my legs and throughout my body. I couldn’t sit on the floor because I began covered in sweat. At evening, I savor to have it cooler in the kitchen. I enjoy kneeling in bed and watching cable before I go to sleep. My husband enjoys it a little warmer at evening. Every one of us constantly handled that by putting an electric blanket on his side of the bed. She had the temperature control right next to her, and he could change the temperature so he was warm. She now puts the temperature control up to seventy at evening. If it was just the heat coming from air vents, I could take off the blankets. With radiant heat, it transferred the heat from the floor to everything that touches it. That means the radiant heat goes into the bed and directly to me.

HVAC worker