Stationary bike is an enjoyable workout

For my birthday a few years ago, our husband gave me a stationary bike.

I was really happy with the gift.

I am dedicated to my physical fitness. I take time out for an hour of exercise at least six days per week. The bike provides a different method of workout and offers unique benefits. I like that it eliminates impact on my spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet. During my other styles of training, my whole body suffers quite a bit of abuse. I run, jump rope and engage in all sorts of burpees, mountain climbers, jump lunges, squat jumps and other types of high impact cardio. I sometimes have complaints with pain in my joints and feet. I deal with plantar fasciitis as well. Over the years, I’ve torn both my psoas and trapezius muscles. It’s really nice to have a means of completing a low impact workout several days per week. Plus, riding the bike is especially enjoyable. The operation is so quiet that I am able to pedal without bothering anyone else in the house. I listen to music and usually read a book or on my tablet. The bike includes a fan with 3 speeds that blows cool air, a cup holder for my water bottle and an adjustable cushioned seat. The display is touchscreen and easy to navigate. It offers a selection of set programs that I can choose between. I can increase intensity at any time by adding resistance or pedaling faster. I burn an impressive amount of calories during a stationary bike workout. Even so, I worry that I’m being lazy on the bike. However, when I’m tired, sore or just not in the mood to workout, the bike is the perfect alternative.

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