Hiring a maid while I was pregnant was smart

College was quite a wonderful time for my partner and I.

We met and became fast friends in our first year, and he asked me out in our second year.

We have been together ever since. All of us graduated, and I started a small business which later became so huge that he had to quit his task to help me out. The business was doing well, but we still felt our family wasn’t complete. That’s when we started to try and have a baby, and last year, it finally happened. I was so glad to come back to the condo and tell him the great news after seeing the doctor. I had missed my monthly time for 2 months and wanted to know if my prayers were finally getting answered. The doctor did a pregnancy test, and it came out with good news, and my partner was so glad and began taking over more responsibilities at work. At home, I had to get a cleaning person to help me out when our pregnancy grew. It was getting hard to wash everything myself, so the people I was with and I sought a main service and hired a maid, then she’d come to the condo twice a month to wash the entire place while I was pregnant. The arrangement was perfect because none of us had the time or energy to do all the floors, windows or dishes when I reached 8 months. The baby came, and we were so glad, however, it became more evident having the cleaning person over twice a month wasn’t working. We asked our maid to come five nights a month. We even wanted more cleaning products to keep the section spotless when the baby began crawling around.

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