We got really creative with HVAC

The two of us had to convert our a/c system plus central heating system into a washer plus dryer; Times were tough, plus our washer plus dryer were randomly stolen from us.

The two of us didn’t have money for new laundry units at the time, but we did have a central a/c system plus a boiling water boiler heating system.

My wise dad plus I, who are both engineers, took apart our hydronic heating system plus began quickly converting it into a washer machine. The two of us went to the local cooling plus heating business plus bought some Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C pieces to aid us in our mission, after numerous minutes we had successfully converted our whole boiling water heating system into a well working washer machine. This new washer component made out of a heating system particularly worked far better than our aged washer machine. Then, next was the dryer. This was going to be strenuous since most a/c systems only blow out super cool air plus we were going to build a dryer that produced heated air. The two of us quickly took out the coolant plus changed the air ducts in a way that made it perfect for the load of laundry to fit in. The two of us also had to completely take apart the central a/c plus rebuild it to work as a dryer; Unluckily we needed more component to work on the a/c system, so the two of us also bought numerous air filters that would work to catch all of the lint in the dryer like a normal dryer machine. It worked just the same as the aged dryer.

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