This thing was failing on me

My a/c system was having some troubles that I wish I had caught sooner. It started quite small though. One day, after cleaning my entire house, I turned on my central a/c system plus the window a/c system in my living room to cool my home down. I was surprised when my home wasn’t getting cooler. I stood on top of one of the air ducts plus fellow lukewarm air coming through. I went and checked my smart temperature control but it didn’t say anything was wrong with the ole central a/c system. I kept the a/c system running in the hope that it would repair itself. After about an minute the central a/c system started blowing cool air, but it was easily making different sounds plus a different smell was coming from the air ducts. I ran straight over to my smart temperature control plus turned off the central a/c system as swiftly as I possibly could. I called my local cooling plus heating business plus I was soon busy with a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C contractor. I hated that I didn’t have my nice central a/c system to keep myself and others cool. When the cooling expert came and looked at my central a/c system. She said that there were numerous things going wrong with it, but it would not have been that poor had I turned off the whole a/c system plus checked the air filter when I first noticed the problem. It took two additional weeks for the cooling expert to repair my central a/c system plus I was really grateful that my window a/c system worked well for those two weeks without my a/c.

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